What we do at renew

"We believe hair transplant is a philsophy of art and medicine."

About Our Clinic

We strictly follow international standards with a team of dedicated and trained staff. We provide excellence at the most affordable price. Patients have the advantage of benefiting from direct consultation with the surgeon and then making a choice based on the merits of technique rather than its price. For references, you can get actual patient histories of the cases done by us. We make every possible effort to honor the trust put into our services.

Renew aesthetics is the only hair transplant centre recognised with world record union and Asian book of records. We are actively researching in the field of stem cell research with regenerative and cutaneous biology department Kerala university.

Within a short span of time RENEW AESTHETICS has become a well-known center for hair transplant, micro pigmentation, facelift with the high-quality procedure carried out in the state of the art facilities. At the renew, we inspire people to look and feel their best by using the most advanced FUE hair transplant (Follicular Unit Extraction) digital technology for scalp analysis and Coverage Value calculations available in the field of hair restoration.

Our scientific, mathematical, and artistic approach to hair restoration supported by state-of-the-art devices, affords us the accuracy, precision, and consequently the results that patients envision.

About Dr. Deepu Sati

Dr, Deepu Sati is renowned Facial Esthetic Surgeon based in Kerala. after finishing his Basic hair transplant course, he has undergone advanced hair transplant training from Korean Society. In 2019, he added his master certificate in MICROPIGMENTATION from Gyor Hungary to his credit. He is a member of the association of hair restoration surgeons in India. He is a life member in the association with the Facial Aesthetic Surgeon of India. Also a member of the World FUE Institute Belgium. He is also a faculty member of AOMSI National Conference Hair Transplant Workshop. He has presented a paper on Scalp Micro-pigmentation in the World FUE Conference held in France. He started "RENEW AESTHETICS" in 2016 -one of the first Hair Transplant Centre in the State.