This newest technology is used with precision in combining pigments and artistic skills making it very beneficial for everybody who wants to improve their look and advance their self beauty. Micro-pigmentation has been proven medically safe.

Eyebrow Micro Blading

Our specialty eye brow clinic help in restore appearance of eyebrows. Each hair line is restored one at the time with a 3-dimensional effect, starting thicker and darker at the bottom and getting thinner and lighter at the ends – just like in natural hair strokes!!! This micro pigmentation procedure will help you it look absolutely gorgeous.

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Lip Micro Pigmentation

True Lips is our lips specialty clinic to enhance your lip color and defines your lip liner. During your first visit, we will show you many different options of colors and shapes. You can also try wearing different pigments to make the right decision for you, before the application of the micro-pigmentation.

Scalp Hair Pigmentation

This is a great permanent makeup procedure for those who are missing scalp hair. We can create hair strokes that perfectly imitate the color, shape, and thickness of your own hair.

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