How to remove scabs after Hair Transplant?

What are Hair Transplant scabs? How to remove scabs after hair transplant? It seems that you have undergone Hair transplant surgery, and the same question is striking in your mind. Don’t worry. I will be extremely glad to guide you and solve your all queries about hair transplant.

First of all congratulations on having your Hair Transplant., aftercare and precautions are also important. Most of the patients are very much confuse about hair transplant scabs, how to remove them etc. Let’s see what are scabs.

What are hair transplant scabs?

Hair Transplant scabs are born out of the trauma inflicted on the scalp due to the small incisions while grafting. It takes a few days for this wound to start healing. The scabs start forming on the 3rd day itself but at this point in time, it is tightly attached to the scalp. Normally these scabs fall off in a matter of 7-14 days and depend on the number of hair grafts and the density and size of the incisions. Scabs protect the grafts.

Hair falling with scabs after Hair Transplant :

When scabs fall, short hairs(grafts) which were implanted they also generally fall out. This is the expected phase. You don’t worry about your grafts. Your follicles are alive under the skin and new hairs will start to grow in about 3-4 months. If any hair follicles that don’t fall off with the scabs will grow for 3-6 weeks and generally gets shed.

How to clean scabs after hair transplant?

You can start washing your hair with special shampoo, 72 hrs after surgery. Please do not pick up scabs, it can dislodge the graft completely, pat them gently. Sometimes the doctor recommends saline spraying to aid the healing process and this does not pose any threat to the graft.

How to get rid of scabs after hair transplant?

You can massage the scabs gently underwater without using the nails helps in this process.It is normal for some of the hair to fall off. Please don’t try to remove the scabs early as it can harm the follicle beneath. For the first week, keep it untouched. Let the scabs dry off on their own and in case of any bleeding, contact the doctor immediately.

You can soft massage your scalp after the 13th day with light hands, without any fear. As the follicles attached to the scalp properly and receive adequate blood supply.