What will happen if i stop using Minoxidil

Sadly , once stopped, most of the hair that had been saved by using minoxidil tends to fall out , leading to what’s called the “DREAD SHED” – a rapid hair shedding phase.

Before discussing how to prevent hair fall after stopping minoxidil, let’s understand what is minoxidil..

What is Minoxidil Solution?????

When Minoxidil was first created, it was used for the treatment of hypertension; patients using Minoxidil started noticing unnecessary hair growth on their bodies. This surprised the issuing doctors and a new purpose for Minoxidil was discovered.

The discovery of Minoxidil for hair loss brought in a new revolution in hair loss treatments. It was after this discovery that doctors started using and suggesting it to patients suffering from hair loss.

It has been recorded that minoxidil works by helping blood flow move towards the hair follicle. This feeds the hair follicle and causes it to grow in size, which ultimately stimulates new hair growth.

Nowadays, Minoxidil is one of the two most used drugs approved by the food and Drug Administration to generate hair growth in the area(s) where it is applied.

How minoxidil works on hair????

Minoxidil boosts the blood flow to the scalp, When the roots of the hair follicle start receiving some amount of blood, it causes the bulb size to grow and new hair is then stimulated. Minoxidil also helps to maintain your existing hair. Patients who experience initial hair fall can use a low concentration of Minoxidil to help them to treat the issue.

Sometimes Minoxidil does not work on the first attempt but if it previously started showing results, it will definitely show results again. Most of the time, Minoxidil shows results after 4-6 months of proper use because the hair follicle takes time to regrow hair. It is also not a cause for concern if you start experiencing hair shedding after taking the dose for the first time. In fact, it is a sign that treatment is working properly.

what happen after stop using minoxidil

Before we continue, a quick reminder that Minoxidil does not cure baldness. It simply makes thin hair thicker, small hairs grow larger and make weaker hair healthier. If Minoxidil usage is stopped, in most cases the patient’s hair loss will start again from where it stopped. it is minoxidil that help to stay hair, so once minoxidil effect wearoff the weak hair might fall. Most people believe that after quitting Minoxidil, hair loss will begin all over again. While this is not the case for most, it does depend on the type of hair loss you were dealing with when you started using Minoxidil.

Let’s say you were dealing with cancer or a nutritional deficiency and you started using Minoxidil to overcome a particular type of hair loss if your treatment was completed or you overcame the deficiencies you were having,it will not cause an onset of hair loss again. On the other hand, if male pattern baldness, female pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia made you use Minoxidil, you may experience symptoms of hair loss again. Minoxidil does not cure hair loss for the rest of your life. It requires continuous usage and is a lifetime deal. So the one-liner, if you were using Minoxidil to treat hair fall after having a nutritional deficiency or treatment of any other disease, you will not have any hair fall after stopping use,

how to stop hair fall after quitting minoxidil

Hair health is determined by 3 factors; Genetics, lifestyle, and environment. It is often said that lifestyle pulls the trigger of the gun which genetics loads. A healthy lifestyle is always the key to improved hair health. Eating healthy, fibrous veggies, protein and vitamins is the way to live a more healthy life. Junk food has never been a good choice for maintaining optimal health.